barre and jumpboard classes

As our tagline says, we strongly believe in the genius of Joe Pilates, but we are also committed to offering our students a variety of classes to stay challenged and engaged. We consult with experts throughout the country to develop routines to enhance our classical Pilates base. To that end, a few months ago we added barre classes and recently a jumpboard reformer class.

Barre exercises have long been used by dancers to develop strength, stability and flexibility. Admit it, we’ve all admired dancers’ bodies. Our barre classes integrate classical dance movements, props such as weights and therabands, and Pilates mat work. Equally important, barre requires extreme focus, allowing you to take control of your body.

We are strong proponents of staying active, including sports and other forms of exercise. In fact, Pilates will significantly improve your athletic capabilities. Recently, we’ve had a number of clients mention that they’ve been injured or sick, which has limited their activity. We have been looking at ways to offer a cardio component to our Pilates workouts, being no or low impact and still focusing on mind-body awareness. We are now offering a cardio jumpboard and reformer fusion class, which incorporates no-impact cardio with traditional reformer work. So, if you’re not ready to get back onto the tennis court, train for that half-marathon, or just want to add cardio to your routine, this class is perfect for you!

Feedback has been wonderful for both classes! Come in and give them a try!

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